The Delusion of Inclusion (Continued)

Catch Up No.7

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28 February ·

The Delusion of Inclusion.(Continued)
David Towell. spokesperson, and former advisor to the King’s Fund Centre (KFC) , as a Fellow in Health Policy and Development, states with regard to ‘inclusion’ policies that:
“…the best current starting point is widely agreed amongst disabled people and their families to be the 2006 UNCRPD and the General Comments which seek to advance its implementation. This is clearly a 21st Century agenda for inclusion!”
The declaration of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) is, to my mind, just a box ticking exercise full of great hopes and expectations. I wonder how many families have actually heard about it? It is being used to justify the ghastly mistakes that misguided ‘inclusion’ proponents and organisations such as the King’s Fund Centre group have inflicted upon innocent victims.
To rectify the damage already done there is need to go back, as I have already done, to identify the prime proponents for supporting a one-size- fits- all ‘inclusion’ policy. The King’s Fund Centre could not have gained momentum for its drive to phase out vital structured and specialist support under its own steam, for the publication initially passed without interest or obvious comment.
It is necessary to look closer at the organisations and individuals that gave the KFC credibility it did not deserve, and in this respect the first major culprits were all the charitable organisations that did not challenge proposals that were so obviously fundamentally flawed. At that time, even the ‘man in the street’, with limited knowledge, could see how irrational these proposals were.
But what was to follow will raise searching questions about the nature and validity of support that was received from the Independent Development Council for People with Mental Handicaps with the publication of : ‘Living like other people’ (1985).
More details to follow.
Does all this historical stuff really matter? Yes, because it has so far been covered up very effectively by the individuals, academics, and organisations that are responsible for the current policy debacle and would much prefer that it remains covered up regardless of the cost to the families concerned


Author: charlesahenley

Following a varied career starting with 4 years as a city office worker, 4 years service in the RAF both as ground staff ad flying duties, 16 years working for IBM Time systems division as a service engineer, a short spell as a production line supervisor, before returning as service manager to another US business machines corporation who had taken over IBM Time systems division in the UK. The nature of this work brought into contact with day centre establishments for people with learning disabilities and in 1966 when radical and progressive policies were awakening I changed career direction. In the years that followed I worked for five different authorities at centres ranging in size from 24 to 190 attendees of all levels of ability and saw remarkably progressive policies being introduced in the first 20 years for the benefit of the attendees and their carers. Sadly, as a consequence of local authorities gaining full control of policy implementation from 1990 onwards, service support went into a spiral of decline that has made debacle of the rational principles of care in the community. There is now a vital need to take responsibility for service implementation away from local authorities and the NHS and grant it to a single service agency under the direction of its own Minister. Without an urgent change of direction, the current dire situation can only worsen.

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