Injustices – Catch Up No.2

First posted 14th February 2017

Today I have partially updated the Bulletin Board on my website with information that raises questions about the issues that should be seriously worrying carers. They are questions that need to be answered if there is to be true justice for the most vulnerable section of our community. They will not be answered if carers who have been victims allow those who are responsible for their predicament to get away unchallenged.
It is now two weeks since I sought answers from Mencap. Early days, undoubtedly, for Mencap has a lot to account for. Ample evidence confirms that Mencap have not only been fully aware of the predictable outcome of the demise of rational care in the community, but they cooperated with the King’s Fund Centre over 30 years ago to set in motion the chaos that ongoing policies have become.
For years, I have argued on various debating platforms and in the media to let the public and carers know how effectively they have been duped, but without success. The principle reason is that the people who created the problem are those that have the power to distribute or suppress relevant information and they have used it unscrupulously. My website has been available for years and all charities have been aware of the means of access to it but to little avail.
The future bleak outlook will only change when carers recognise how blatantly they have been cheated and take full advantage of any opportunity to debate controversial issues in depth to reach balanced judgements. This is obviously not happening and will not happen until there is a sharing of verifiable information between carers groups.
In the meantime, I still await a response from David, the spokesman for the King’s Fund Centre group, for his justification for setting in motion the one-size-fits-all answer to care in the community support. Basically, it was to scrap all specialist and structured services like special needs units, day centres, and sheltered workshops and the like, because his group thought that even the most profoundly and severely and complexly disadvantaged people should be found paid and open employment!
Need I remind you that all the specialist resources from special needs units to Remploy have been decimated yet few extra jobs have been created in the 30 years since this extreme ‘inclusion’ policy took over from the successful policies that were in place before. Neither will they be created in future because this proposal was not built on research but on the wishful thinking of a group who had limited in-depth awareness of the complexities of the learning disabilities section of our society – and were out of touch with the real world that the rest of us live in.
I would ask all carers to just reflect on how much their lives have been affected by changes brought about by misinformation and emotive campaigning like the ‘segregation’ and ‘stigmatisation’ lies. But be warned, just as these past falsehoods are being recognised they are about to be replaced by yet another emotive buzz work, look out for it – ‘GHETTOS’. Please feel free to circulate my views if only to open up another aspect of the complex social problem that has yet to be resolved, and feel free to circulate my website details.

Author: charlesahenley

Following a varied career starting with 4 years as a city office worker, 4 years service in the RAF both as ground staff ad flying duties, 16 years working for IBM Time systems division as a service engineer, a short spell as a production line supervisor, before returning as service manager to another US business machines corporation who had taken over IBM Time systems division in the UK. The nature of this work brought into contact with day centre establishments for people with learning disabilities and in 1966 when radical and progressive policies were awakening I changed career direction. In the years that followed I worked for five different authorities at centres ranging in size from 24 to 190 attendees of all levels of ability and saw remarkably progressive policies being introduced in the first 20 years for the benefit of the attendees and their carers. Sadly, as a consequence of local authorities gaining full control of policy implementation from 1990 onwards, service support went into a spiral of decline that has made debacle of the rational principles of care in the community. There is now a vital need to take responsibility for service implementation away from local authorities and the NHS and grant it to a single service agency under the direction of its own Minister. Without an urgent change of direction, the current dire situation can only worsen.

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